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BAsic & Reocurring Cleaning

If a clean home is a priority for you and your family, you can always count on The Cleaning Crew to provide a thorough, professional cleaning on a schedule that works best for you. Our regular cleaning services are flexible, reliable, and set exceptionally high standards.

Recurring Cleaning Service 

Our routine house cleaning services are tailored to your family's needs. These cleaning services—weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly—offer many advantages to increase your standard of living and heighten the delight of entering a tidy house!


The Cleaning Crew's routine cleaning services can:


-Allow you to spend more time with your loved ones.

-Keep dust and other allergens from collecting, you can lessen the symptoms of allergies.

-Free up time to concentrate on other cleaning or home maintenance duties.

-Minimize the possibility of food, mold, and hard water stains setting in.

-Lessen your tension when uninvited guests arrive. 

Recurring Cleaning Options

Every home is different, which is why we offer several regular cleaning service options that fit your home's activity level and routines. Choose between weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning service options. 

Weekly Cleaning Service

A lot can happen in seven days. For busy households and large families, visiting an experienced professional cleaner is a must. Save valuable time by choosing the day of the week that is most convenient for us. We are also flexible. If we need to reschedule your appointment by a day or two or even a few hours, just let us know. Cleaning once a week is a good choice for the busiest families. 

Bi-weekly Cleaning Service

Every other week is a good opportunity to hire extra hands to help you maintain your home. This is a very popular service that many of our customers use all year round. If you use our bi-weekly cleaning service and your situation changes or you find that you need us more often, that's no problem! We would be happy to adjust your cleaning services if necessary. 


Basic Cleaning Checklist 

Thoroughly cleaning your home once a month is a good way to prevent things from accumulating over time. Monthly cleaning is a great option for families who can handle the little things weekly but want extra help with larger cleaning tasks. It is also a great way to combat problems such as allergens, bacteria, and dust buildup. 


The Cleaning Crew vacuums, dusts, mops, and disinfects your home's busiest (and dirtiest!) areas. We'll work with you to develop a customized recurring cleaning plan that focuses on the areas that need attention, such as cleaning the kitchen or scrubbing the bathrooms. 

Recurring &

Basic Cleaning Checklist:



Wipe mirrors 

Sweep floor

Mop floor



Empty trash

Wipe down kitchen countertops 

Wipe down the kitchen table and chairs

Wipe down the exterior of the fridge

Wipe the exterior of the dishwasher

Wipe the exterior of the microwave 

Clean the interior of the microwave 

Clean the top of the stove

Clean the oven control buttons 

Wipe the exterior of the oven   

Wipe the exterior of the trash can

Clean inside the sink

Sweep kitchen floors 

Mop kitchen floors 

All Bathrooms: 

Empty trash 

Straighten hand towels and bath towels

Clean mirrors 

Clean inside sink bowl

Wipe sink faucets 

Wipe counters

Clean inside toilet bowl

Wipe the toilet seat 

Disinfect the toilet seat flush lever  

Clean the base and behind the toilet 

Wipe shower walls

Clean shower floor 

Sweep floors

Mop floors 

All Bedrooms: 

Make Beds


Sweep floors

Mop floors


All Closets: 

Sweep floors

Mop floors



Empty trash

Dust and damp wipe furniture 

Tidy as needed 

Remove rugs

Sweep floor

Mop floor

Living Room: 

Empty trash 

Vacuum or wipe couch cushions  

Straighten pillows on couches and chairs 

Refold blankets

Dust and damp wipe the furniture from top to bottom

Wipe any mirrors with Windex 


Dining Room: 

Dust and damp wipe furniture 

Wipe down chairs / Remove chairs

Vacuum floor / under table 

Mop floors


Laundry Room:

Dust surfaces and counters 

Wipe down the exterior of the washer and dryer

Empty and replace the trash

Tidy as needed 

Sweep floor

Mop floor



Vacuum / Mop 

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